(It's not your computer crashing, it's just back to good old basics.)

Linux trabant-1.1 #1 Sun Jan 4 19:06:23 CET 2009 x86

The programs running on this system are free software;
the exact terms for using the services are described below.

To access more information, please see below.

user@trabant:~$ ls
aboutus projects hardware services contact

user@trabant:~$ cat services

What we can provide you depends on what you need, varying from HA clusters
to index.html-ish webpages, but for an appetizer, here is a list:

* web hosting - large disk space, PHP5, MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite, mailboxes
* email hosting for high number of mailboxes
* TeamSpeak / Roger Wilco server hosting (as even penguins like to have fun)
* mailing list hosting
* videosharing site consultancy

We will provide You personal quotes on request. You can pay via Paypal for your convenience.